Kairos provides mental health services to youth and young adults.

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Kairos the moment where change is possible 

Since 1977, we have sought to focus on each instant as providing an opportunity for a therapeutic intervention, a teachable moment. We collaborate with young people, families, and communities across Oregon to provide intensive mental health services and instill hope. We understand and value mental and emotional wellness, and aim to provide opportunities for understanding, healing, and growth in safe and stable environments where every client can achieve excellence.

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Our programs are geared toward youth from ages 4 to 17 and young adults up to age 24. We offer crisis respite treatment foster care, community skills training, outpatient and wraparound services, and residential treatment homes.

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We're Changing Lives

All of the Kairos staff were kind and supportive, and always made me feel welcome and wanted. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Kairos! I’ll never forget you.


Young Adult

I finally feel like I have people to talk to me and not just about me.


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Kairos Fall 2019 Newsletter

November 5, 2019

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