Treatment Foster Care

Treatment Foster Care (TFC) provides intensive treatment services for children and youth with serious emotional and/or behavioral challenges for a defined period in a home-based environment.  The agency recruits selects and trains Treatment Foster Parents (TFPs) from the local community. These individuals work under contract and in collaboration with Kairos staff to create planned, purposeful, structured environments within their homes. The TFPs join with teams of Kairos professionals, family members, and additional community supports to create, implement, and periodically review the individualized Service Plan for youth placed in their homes. These Service Plans address each youth’s functionality in a number of life domains, and outline a host of services designed to enable measurable progress toward individualized goals and objectives.

TFC may be an appropriate service for youth exiting residential care, allowing them opportunity to reside in a family-based treatment environment before moving on to reunification with their family-of-origin, kinship placement, or standard foster care. Other youth may be preparing for independent living. It may also be appropriate for certain youth who would otherwise be placed in residential treatment. Kairos TFC accepts youth ages 4 –18 who reside in the state of Oregon. Oregon Department of Human Services, or other entities interested in contracting for this service may refer youth to the program. A screening process conducted by the agency assures that appropriate candidates are selected for placement and matched to the available foster homes, with input from the TFPs, youth, and guardian prior to admission into the program.

Kairos TFPs are trained to provide a high level of structure and supervision within their home to create a therapeutic, trauma informed environment. TFPs are considered “professional parents” in that they provide skills training, school advocacy, homework supervision, and care team input.  Each youth has a Service Plan, which guides the treatment that the youth receives while in the program. TFPs are a central part of the treatment plan by providing daily supervision, skill building, and other support to the youth. TFPs build healthy relationships with youth and help them grow from and through the adversities they have faced. 

Kairos supports TFPs with:

  • Intensive training: Each TFP is required to receive a minimum of 32 hours of Kairos orientation, plus CPR/First Aid, prior to a youth being placed in their home. TFPs must receive 24 hours additional training annually for recertification.
  • Daily check-ins by the Behavioral Health Coordinator so TFPs can report challenges to staff and receive in the moment support and coaching.
  • 48 hours of paid respite per month. TFPs are encouraged to utilize Kairos’ respite services to help alleviate the demands of supporting a TFC youth 24-7.
  • 24-7 on-call support from TFC staff.
  • $1950.00 monthly reimbursement.

Kairos TFC also supports respite only providers to care for youth on an as needed basis. Respite is an interval of rest and relief from the daily supervision requirements for TFPs. This respite period will be free from any emergency back-up responsibilities for the TFPs and affords them a break from their day-to-day supervisory duties. Respite providers receive a stipend of $64.11 per night that they have a youth in their care.  TFC respite providers will be supplied with intensive training and 24-7 on call support while the youth is in their care.

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