"Things are going to be better, things are going to change…You’ve got to have a positive mind that things are going to change. You’ve got to claim that freedom."

Kairos has three co-ed residential treatment homes designed to support 17-24 year old young adults as they transition into the community. Each of Kairos Residential Treatment Homes are, non-secure, home-like treatment programs designed to serve 5 young adults who are struggling with severe mental health issues and behavioral difficulties. Young adults in these homes receive intensive mental health services geared to help them achieve their own goals and transition successfully into adulthood. The programs are recovery oriented, trauma informed and use Collaborative Problem Solving as a clinical model. Collaborative Problem Solving’s core philosophy is “people do well if they can” and if they are struggling, it is due to lagging skills. This approach supports people in building  complex thinking and relational skills that increase flexibility, the ability to consider multiple outcomes of different choices, understand impact on others, increase empathy, and ability to focus on important tasks, among others. Staff and Peer Supports assist each young adult in navigating and  integrating into the community including volunteering, working, attending school, making and keeping appointments, advocating and interacting with community resources, building natural supports and securing resources for discharge. Staff also assist each young adult in learning independent living skills including budgeting, cooking, cleaning, medication management, and  symptom management.

We value and welcome parents, friends, advocates,  and families at all times. We work with the client and their team of supports to provide youth/young adult-guided and family-driven care.  We aim to support residents as they grow into the people they wish to become.

Momentum Resident Handbook

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