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"I’ve learned how to cope not just because of one person believing in me, but because a whole company believed in me. We call this company Kairos."

Community Skills Coaching

The Kairos Coastline Community Skills Training service provides youth with a one-on-one coach who helps them with building skills in schools, at home, or in other community venues.

Day Treatment

Day Treatment is the highest level of psychiatric care for children in the county. This program is for youth 5–11 years old. . Treatment may include: medication management by a psychiatrist; individual, family, and group therapy provided by a therapist; social skills and other life skills activities facilitated by a skills coach; an array of support services (e.g., occupational therapy, speech therapy) provided by the local Education Service District in collaboration with the treatment team.

Outpatient Services

We employ a group approach involving a team of professionals who may include one or more of the following: individual and family therapist, skills coach, peer support, family support, and licensed medical provider. The services we provide are trauma-informed based on consideration of the youth’s needs and strengths. They are provided in collaboration with the family and involved supports. Services are flexible and can occur in an office setting or be delivered in the community (e.g., school, home).

Peer and Family Support

Peer support specialists act as advocates for the youth by bridging the gap between the youth and professionals through experience. Peers help youth by showing them change is possible. Family support specialists ensure the family’s voice is heard and help them advocate for their youth and family.

Wrap-Around Services

"A process, not a service," wrap-around supports the family on its journey toward wellness. Each family creates a plan designed by the youth and family team to help build supports and address their needs.


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