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After 35 years Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center (SOASTC) changed its name to Kairos

Kairos is an ancient Greek word that means “the moment when change is possible.”  It evokes what has been a pillar of our clinical philosophy since our inception – that at any and at every moment we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people and families through an intervention, a teachable moment, a conversation, a brainstorm idea, etc.

We elected to move away from SOASTC because, quite simply, we have outgrown it.  For many years we have served children as well as adolescents and now our age range is 4 through 24.  While the overwhelming preponderance of people we serve and support are from Southern Oregon, for several years we have provided treatment for children from all parts of Oregon, as well as other states and territories. We provide prevention as well as treatment services and are no longer simply a “center”, but operate out of eight locations. 


Kairos Strategic Leadership

Bob Lieberman, Chief Executive Officer

Bob Lieberman is the CEO of Kairos (formerly Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center -SOASTC), a multi-service agency for children, youth, and young adults with serious mental and behavioral disorders and their families. He is a past-President of the American Association of Children’s Residential Treatment Centers (AACRC) and is currently its Public Policy Chair.  Mr. Lieberman is co-chair of Oregon’s Children’s System Advisory Committee and served as a member of the Oregon Commission on Children and Families for ten years.  He was appointed by Governor Kitzhaber to serve in the healthcare transformation effort and is a Board member of the Non-Profit Association of Oregon. Nationally, he is a member of the Building Bridges Steering Committee and co-chair of its Outcomes sub-committee, and co-chaired the Evidence Based Practices workgroup of the Outcomes Roundtable for Children and Families of SAMHSA. Mr. Lieberman has published journal articles and conducts trainings and workshops statewide and nationally.  Mr. Lieberman also operates his own practice as a professional counselor for youth, young adults, and families.


Michelle Richardson, Chief Operating Officer

Alan Ledford, Clinical Director

Chad Brown, Psychiatrist


Sandy Amish, Fiscal Manager

Susan Boldt, QA/QI Administrator

Mary Lynne DeRocher, Development Specialist

Sarah Hansen, Human Resources Manager

Sandy Heine, Family Support Specialist

Stacy Hubbard, Community Services Manager

Paula Johnson, Business Support Manger

Desi Lane, Peer Support Specialist

Laramie Michels, School Community Team Manager

Kirby Nave, Momentum Manager

Brenda Reed, New Beginnings Manager

Nikki Ryan, Three Bridges Manager

John Trapold, Coastline Services Manager

Jim von Stein, Information Services Administrator

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