Peer Delivered Services

"I like the youth with whom I work, have struggled with mental illness and received various forms of treatment over the years.  Thankfully, I have experienced a level of recovery that allows me to turn my own experience around and help others that are in similar situations."

"Peer Delivered Services” is an array of agency or community-based services and supports provided to individuals and their family members by Peer and Family Support Specialists with similar life experiences.  These services are designed to support the needs of these individuals and families.

Peer Support is based on the assumption that people who share similar experiences can offer each other emotional, appraisal, perspective, and information support, and hope.  Specific to the work at Kairos, peer support is based on the idea that those who have experienced mental illness or are a parent of someone that has experienced a mental illness can offer help and support to others, from coming together to provide aid for each other in the context of a supportive relationship.  Peers who understand what the experience of having a mental illness is like or what it is like as a parent, provide services and supports to their fellow consumers, working in partnership with professionals.  The peer support model is rooted in the belief that significant interpersonal relationship and a shared sense of community lay the foundation for the process of healing.

Peer and Family Support Specialist are individuals who have chosen to publicly disclose their history of mental illness, effects on their lives and subsequent recovery, with the intention of using these experiences in concert with clinical talents and skills to assist youth and families who are currently dealing with the challenges they may be facing.  Despite the differences in operational and organizational structures between peer support and traditional service modalities, the combination of the approaches offers a powerful opportunity for recovery.

Kairos Peer/Family Support Specialist attends a required forty hours Oregon State approved Peer Delivered Services Training.  Our Peers have successfully completed both Tier I and Tier II courses in Collaborative Problem Solving with Think:Kids and trained in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics utilizes the model in the services they provide.

Kairos is the first and only YouthM.O.V.E Chapter with in residential programs.  Meetings are held weekly throughout and facilitated by the Kairos Peers. “Youth M.O.V.E National is a youth led national organization devoted to improving services and systems that support positive growth and development by uniting the voices of individuals who have lived experience in various systems including mental health, juvenile justice, education, and child welfare.” Youth Move National".


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